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Sectigo Trust LogoSecure certificates and SSL Hosting (SSL) will enable your site to exchange data with visitors in a secure manner. This is useful when the data needs to be kept confidential and is essential for ecommerce sites requesting credit card information.

We can offer a range of secure space and certificate options designed specifically for use with SellerDeck software When you sign up for the hosting plan these secure options will be offered to you as part of the sign up process.

There are various payment gateways supported by SellerDeck some of these gateways do not require you to have your own secure space and some do so before selecting the secure space option we recomend that you check with the gateway provider you have selected before selecting the SSL option.
Note that once you sign up with us you can select the secure space option later.If you are unsure or want advice on this, please contact us.

SellerDeck Hosting Plans

Single Domain Secure Certificates

Our most popular hosting plans, a wide range of options designed for most sizes of business or more advanced 'home user' web sites.




SSL Certificate
(Green bar in browser)
Warranty (i) $10,000
$250,000 $250,000
Trust Logo Tickbox
(static Logo)
Tickbox Tickbox
Validation Type Domain Validation
(Fast Validation!)
Domain Validation
(Fast Validation!)
Extended Validation
(Additional required ~up to 5 days validation)
Setup/renewal fee

£19.50 + vat

£19.50 + vat £75 + vat
Payment Options*
1 Year Certificate £29.95 + vat £49.95 + vat £299 + vat
2 Year Certificate £49.95 + vat £79.95 + vat £499 + vat



Business Hosting Plans

Multi Domain (UCC) / Wildcard Certificates

Multi Domain Certificates for different domain names owned by the same company hosted on different physical servers (if required). Price covers first 5 domains. Additional domains @ £29+VAT pa.
  Setup/Renew Installation Warranty Trust Logo?  

Your own

Unified Communications Certificate

(1 x year)

Suitable for MS Exchange, OCS and web environments

For example

etc etc

£159 + vat £45 + vat $250,000 Tickbox
Wildcard Certificates for multiple sub domain names (of the same primary domain) hosted on unlimited physical servers.
  Setup/Renew Installation Warranty Trust Logo?  

Your own
Secure Server Certificate

(1 x year)

For example
etc etc

£299 + vat £45 + vat $250,000 Tickbox


Global Notes:
Note that each certificate is vetted to ensure that only the domain owner can purchase a certificate.

EV certificates require additional validation steps and may take longer to process.

* Subject to approval by issuing authority. All prices are subject to confirmation.

If you have any further questions or need advice on the best option for your specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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