SellerDeck Software Upgrades

SellerDeck software provides a number of upgrade paths for its software as follows:

  • Inclusive Upgrades: SellerDeck software maintain a 'Download' section within its own website, from which you can download patch versions of your version of the SellerDeck eCommerce range of software. These patch versions are provided free of charge for your particular licenced copy of the software.
  • Cover Subscriber Upgrades: SellerDeck software provide an upgrade path between major versions of the software in the form of its SellerDeck Cover packages, which are available for SellerDeck Catalog, Business & Developer eCommerce software titles. Please visit our SellerDeck Cover page for more details on this service.

Hosting Upgrades

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that you have every opportunity to increase or switch your hosting packages when ever you feel the need or requirement to do so:

  • Package Upgrades: By using the package upgrade option from within your Customer Level control panel (Orders > Personal Orders Manager) - you can increase specific elements of your current in use package on a per service basis. i.e. if you simply require more Data Storage Space or more POP3 email accounts, then upgrading your package with this items alone, is an easy and cost effective method of gaining the extra resources you need.
  • Switching Package: By using the switch package option from within your Customer Level control panel (Orders > Personal Orders Manager) - you can switch between your current in use package to a different package that contains the elements you now require. This sort of package resource increase is best for those that require a number of elements increasing, for example: Data Transfer, Data Storage, POP3 and SMTP resources, as the bundle of all or some of these in a switched package will be cheaper than adding them individually in a package upgrade.

The emphasis on whether to utilise a package upgrade or to switch packages is your decision as we give you complete control with how you wish to administer your hosting packages with us.