Upgrade and Switch Hosting Packages

NB. This guide is valid only for customers still using the 'Hostflow' panel.
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As your site grows, or as your visitor base increases, you may need to make use of a regular increase in your resources. You have the control to conduct an upgrade or switch in your package requirements at any time whilst hosting with us, thus providing you with the ability to manage your hosting resources and associated costs more efficiently.

Overview: The term resouces is what is used to identify all major and minor elements used in the creation, usage and continued provision of a service associated with a domain name - with most mainstream resources provided with a default prescribed level of allowance or usage. Each and every hosting package that we provide is provisioned with a default set of resource allowances, that varies from package to package and the general size of each package being ordered. General information on each packages allowances is detailed within its respective information/ordering pages, which is further confirmed within the ordering pages 'accessible by clicking the customize' button after selecting your desired hosting package. 

Upgrades: An upgrade within a current in use hosting package is generally used when extra resources are only required for one or a couple of resources, i.e. for extra Data Storage, POP3 and/or SMTP accounts. By utilizing an upgrade, you are only increasing the elements which you specifically require increasing and as such, minimizing increasing on resources that would be redundant and not used. 

Switching: A Switch in hosting package is best used by those that wish to increase a number of elements within their hosting package, be that Data Storage, Data Transfer and possible POP3/SMTP accounts, as well as MySQL Dbs. The effect of switching package as opposed to upgrading the package, will provide you with an increase in almost all resources at a lesser cost than adding all of these resources individually via an upgrade.

To conduct an Upgrade or Switch of package, login to your Customer Level control panel, and go into Orders > Personal Orders Manager, and then select either the Upgrade or Switch package icons - The emphasis in all situations is that you are in control at all times. 

If you have any questions or concerns about our overusage policy, then please contact us using the details provided within our contact pages to discuss your concerns.