Anti Spam/Anti Virus Add-on

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4SureHosting provides Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus services to clients via a commercial solution based upon Sophos Email Gateway Security appliance and software based PureMessage technology under our own 'Dual Data Centre' bespoke clustered solution, providing the ultimate in mail performance and uninterupted gateway processing, with the following benefits to end users domains:

  • Sophos anti-virus and anti-spam technology: 
    Protect incoming email from viruses, spyware, Trojans and worms. Stopping up to 98.9% of spam, they also protect against email scams, including phishing attacks and unsolicited email.
  • Genotype™ threat detection SophosLabs™:
    Sophos global network of threat analysis centers, delivers pre-emptive protection against new variants of existing viruses and spam campaigns.
  • Reputation filtering:
    The Sophos IP Block List effectively eliminates up to 80% of spam at the connection level, reducing scanning requirements and accelerating delivery of clean mail.
  • Content scanning:
    Messages are scanned for offensive words, keywords and attachment types, ensuring compliance with regulatory and internal use policies.