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Every hosting account needs a certain level of resources for it to function, whether that be data storage, pop3 email accounts, data transfer or particular server services - without these resources then nothing would be able to function as required, thus making your needs that much more difficult to cater for.

Overview: The term resouces is what is used to identify all major and minor elements used in the creation, usage and continued provision of a service associated with a domain name - with most mainstream resources provided with a default prescribed level of allowance or usage. Each and every hosting package that we provide is provisioned with a default set of resource allowances, that varies from package to package and the general size of each package being ordered. General information on each packages allowances is detailed within its respective information/ordering pages, which is further confirmed within the ordering pages 'accessible by clicking the customize' button after selecting your desired hosting package. 

Overusage: At 4SureHosting we do not impose hard quotas on our customers hosting accounts. i.e. If your account has a prescribed Data Storage allowance of 25MB's, then emails will not get bounced away from your account if you are up to this total prescribed storage space. Instead we implement an 'Overuage' system, that will allow you to go over your prescribed allowances, as and when this is needed, with an overusage fee becoming due if you sustain this overusage upto the end of the hosting month. This generally applies to Data Storage & Transfer, with increases past your prescribed allowances on POP3, SMTP, MySQL and other manually increased and implemented resources chargable at the overusage rates. (All overusage rates are available to view at any time (When ordering: Clicking the customize button - After Ordering: Clicking Orders > Personal Orders Manager and Viewing your package resources). 

Units of Overusage Charges: The actual cost of each element of overusage is available to review at ordering or usage time as explained above, but the units at which we charge for overusage is generally as follows:

Data Storage Overusage: Charged by the MB.
Data Transfer Overusage: Charged by the MB.
POP3 Overusage: Charged per overusage POP3 account.
SMTP Overusage: Charged per overusage SMTP account.

All overusage charges are applied to customer accounts at the end of each full months hosting with us.

Real Costs: You will quickly find that we are not unique in that overusage is allowed and subsequently charged for, but what will differ is the rates at which we charge for overusage of those resources. For example: Where we charge Data Storage overusage at the per MB level, others will state the same cost to per MB usage, but provide this in blocks of in excess of 1MB chunks, i.e. 5MB or even 10MB chunks of extra Data Storage, which effectively means that if you went over quota by 1MB, you could end up being charged for 10MBs of overusage. We only charge overusage for what you actually use to the nearest 1MB chunk. This is more serious when it comes to Data Transfer, which again we charge by the per MB of overusage, so if you used an extra 500MBs in a month, then you would only be charged for the extra 500Mbs, whereas other hosting companies will state a per MB overusage fee, but block charge by the GB (1000MBs) in many cases. 

Alternatives to Overusage: We realise that some site operators ideally want to know well in advance or have resources paid for in advance of usage, so as to cover every angle of their hosting needs, so if you feel that your hosting resource usage is regularly going to exceed your monthly allowances, then you can always conduct either a package Upgrade or Switch of package, to add the extra 'prescribed' resources that you envisage needing in the future on a regular basis. In most cases, our hosting clients make use of overusage rates for a couple of months, thus ensuring that their need for the extra resources is a requirement and not a one-off, and then conduct package upgrades or switches, thus ensuring they are not ordering continual prescribed resources that might not be needed - The emphasis in all situations is that you are in control at all times. 

If you have any questions or concerns about our overusage policy, then please contact us using the details provided within our contact pages to discuss your concerns.