NB. This information is under review and is likely not accurate.
    Please note: Reseller accounts are manually authorised - please contact us to request a reseller account .

  • Reseller Package Includes:
  • 40 x separate domain name based hosting accounts inclusive capability. Additional domains in excess of the first 40 charged at £1.00 + VAT p.m. (Host as many domains within the reseller package as your resources below can hold or increase individual resources as your needs increase - Excludes domain name registration or transfer fees)
  • 2.5GB total Data Storage Capacity (DSC).
    (Extras: 1GB = £15 p.m. + VAT)
    (Extras: 2GB = £25 p.m. + VAT)
    (Overusage: 0.10 + VAT per MB)
  • 35GB Data Transfer Allowance (DTA) per month.
    (Extras: 5GB p.m. = £7.20 p.m. + VAT)
    (Extras: 10GB p.m. = £14 p.m. + VAT)
    (Overusage: 0.0022 + VAT per MB - equiv £2.20 + VAT per GB)
  • 260 x POP3 & SMTP Mailbox Accounts.
    (Extras: 260 x POP3 = £15 p.m. + VAT)
    (Extras: 260 x SMTP = £15 p.m. + VAT)
    (Overusage: £1.00 + VAT per POP3 or SMTP)
  • Unlimited email aliases.
  • AWStats webstats per domain name based account.
  • PHP, Perl, Python included as standard.
  • 80 x mySQL Dbs included as standard (additions £1.00 + VAT per Db per month.
  • Commercial Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus subscription £3.75 p.m. + VAT (per domain usage)..
  • Add-on: 128bit SSL (Golden Padlock) Certification for your domain hosting package from £7.00 + VAT p.m. or as low as £70.00 + VAT p.a. We use technology enabling SSL certification bound to your domain name without a static IP address requirement, providing speedy and secure SSL provisioning and the only monthly subscribed SSL certification service available..
  • Use your own Nominet UK IPS Tag, CentralNic and Global handles for domain name registrations, or use ours.
  • Connection to WorldPay (Select Invisible) for secure payment receipt and processing (Requires an appropriate WorldPay account).
  • Use this package for your own personal domain orders as well as customer domain orders.
  • Your own Reseller control panel, customer level control panel and domain name order level control panel.

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