Migration Overview

The 'Migration of Services' information pages are provided for clients who currently reside within our older networks and server architecture, who are being moved from the current location / provision to our newer provisions, to enable the retirement of older hardware and to provide those clients with improved performance, resiliance and to position those clients within a system of dual location functionality, which is a 'work in progress' service addition that will provide advanced provisioning and service uptime.

New 4SureHosting client package orders have for the best part of the last 8 months already been provisioned within this newer system, so the system if fully tested in every respect and not a new set up which could be prone to errors or faults of provisioning or operation. 

Please use the menu situated across the top/bottom of this and other 'Migration of Service' information pages for details specific to your own hosting account usage, with the following areas covered in detail as highlighted below, for which one or more areas may apply to your package(s) with us: 

  • Customer Account Creation.
  • Migration Order/Activation.
  • DNS Changes - Pointing your domain to the new servers.
  • Uploading prior to DNS changes using FTP.
  • SellerDeck site operator migration procedure.
  • SellerDeck Shared SSL operator migration procedure.
  • Email operator migration procedure.