Migration Customer Account

NB. This information is now out of date and for reference only.
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With all new and migrated clients, you gain access to our '128bit SSL secured' centric control panel system. This provides clients with a means to manage all aspects of service provisions placed under their name with us, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, under a unique username (Customer ID) and password protected system.

This 'Customer Level' access provides you with functions of ordering, upgrades, switch in packages, payment and support facilities being the main drive of functionality at this level, although many additional features are available or being developed to further enhance the functionality of the system. 

Customer Accounts are created automatically when a new clients places an order for any package on sale from within the 4SureHosting website, or can be created manually by Nuco Technologies Ltd techs/sales staff for the purpose of taking new client orders or for the purpose of migrating clients into the new system.

The following points are drawn to your attention to the purpose and usage of the 'Customer Level' control panel: 

  • Clients should maintain a single 'Customer Account' when ever possible, unless you operate and require to use different names due to operating different trading as (t/a) identities, where invoices are required under the separate t/a name.
  • Clients should keep their 'Customer Account' contact details up to date at all times, so as to enable the quickest communication of any renewals or problems with your service provisions. We can not be held responsible for closure of hosting accounts or non renewal of domain names if we are unable to contact you.
  • Any additional orders to be placed by the client should be conducted within the 'Customer Account' level control panel, so as to maintain all of your orders within a single container, that will make your administration easier and our support better targeted as we will have all details of your packages with us shown within the single account. You should only order additional packages from outside of your 'Customer Account' if you wish them operated under a separate account and (possibly) 'trading as' name.
  • If you forget your password for your 'Customer Account', then visit the centric control panel login URL (that will be provided to all clients) and click on the 'forgotten password' link. You will need your Customer ID number or domain name (in the case of those using a domain name hosting package with us). If you can not remember your username or password, then contact us, stating your Company Name, and a send of username/password will be actioned for you, although this will be sent to the contact details held within the system (so keep it up to date). We will not under any circumstances arrange for username and password information to be sent to contact details other than those recorded within your 'Customer Account' unless submitted in writting on your t/a or company headed paper.
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