Domain Name Users

NB. This guide is valid only for customers still using the 'Hostflow' panel.
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A "Domain Name User" is a unique individual or service identity that can be provided with a number of rights and priviledges in the form of POP3 email account, SMTP email sending account and web stats access being the normal needs for the domain and its users.

Why use users? By making use of the User facility provided within all domain name level systems, you have the ability to assign that individual or service identity with facilities either unique to that user or restricting that users abilities and functions. The most common usage for the creation of a 'User' is the need to make use of POP3 and SMTP (email relaying facilities), which requires an individual and unique username and password requirement for this to be utilised and recorded effectively. 

Initial Domain Admin User Creation: When a domain name hosting order is first activated, a default 'Domain Admin User' is created, which is granted full priviledges over the domain, which is assigned a default username (2 letters and 4 numbers) and a strong password. This default user is generally used for the very first POP3 email account and SMTP (email relaying) assignments/rules and in the case of FTP access (if applicable) used for uploading files to the domain. 

Adding New Users: To add a new 'User' to a domain, first of all login to your Domain Name Level control panel, or access your domain from within your Customer Level control panel system. (If you have forgotten your password then visit the login page and follow the instruction provided for 'Forgot Password'.) Once logged into the Domain Name Level control panel account :-

  • Hover your mouse above Settings > Users Settings > Add a user. (You can view all created users by visiting Settings > Users Settings > Users Manager).
  • Within the 'Add a user' page, you will need to enter basic information about your new user in the form of username (this should as best as possible match the original Domain Admin Username (2 letters & 4 numbers) with a name appended onto the end - eg: Domain Admin Username is mz3419, so your new users username will be mz3419john), plus other basic information that is needed to identify the person or service making use of this username and contact details in the event of a problem with the users account. NB: Not all information is required and the system will inform you if some required information is not entered when you 'Update' the new user into the system.
  • The default settings applied to a user is normally sufficient for most needs, so no further action on user roles or priviledges is required.
  • This new 'User' is now ready to be assigned its POP3 & SMTP accounts.
  • Warning: Do not create a new user using a name that you will want to take receipt of emails with. i.e. do not create a user called johnsmith if you intend on receiving emails addressed to johnsmith@domain.tld, as this will cause an error and will effectively cause a bounce of emails addressed to johnsmith@domain.tld. Always try and maintain the same naming structure as used for the domain admin user, with an appending of the new user for easier identification. This will aide us in solving email related problems as all users can be found in one go using a wildcard search and secondly will ensure that all email requirements are visible from within the 'Email Settings' options of the Domain Name Level control panel.