Detagged Domain Names

    You may have found yourself in the position of not being able to use or control your domain name because it is now classed as 'Detagged'. This information should help you to gain back the control of your domain name with us.

  • Step 1 - Order a Package: First of all, if it is your intention to use your domain name with one of our hosting packages, then place your order as normal, but use the DNS Pointing service for the domain name actions. (NB: If it is not your intention to use our services, then this information should be used as a guide and you should speak to whom ever is going to be your hosting company on there own procedures).
  • Step 2 - Nominet UK: Next and follow the instructions on how to gain back control of your domain name.
  • Step 3 - Payments: If your domain name does not have an outstanding renewal, then all you will need to pay is the Nominet UK admin fee during the online process with them. If your domain has an outstanding renewal fee applicable to it, then note this information down and contact us to arrange for a renewal invoice to be raised against you at our current rates (Note: Nominet UK will charge you £80 + VAT is you do it via them).
  • Step 4 - Reference: You will be asked to provide the IPS Tag of the new gaining host, which is "HOSTIT", and also a reference for taking on your domain, please enter your invoice number as provided by your completed order with us. This reference will be checked to ensure that you have an account with us, and if applicable that any renewal fee has been invoiced/paid prior to accepting the domain onto our Tag.
  • Step 5 - Fax Nominet: Once you have completed all of the online forms, you will be provided with a print out of the forms which you must send to Nominet UK for completion. Upon receipt and after processing by Nominet UK, they will get in touch with us to confirm our acceptance of the domain and any renewal charges that may be due (Read step 3), which after our acceptance of the domain, we will then take receipt of the domain and direct its services into our servers. (DNS propagation then needs to complete which can take approx 48hrs after the domain name is assigned/retagged to us).

In all cases of Global & Alternate domain name transfers, the registrant has to approve the transfer request. Approval is required to prevent what is called 'Domain Name Hijacking' and is for the protection of the legal registrant of a domain name.

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