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Our Anti-Virus service is a subscription based service that provides up to the hour protection for emails received into your domain names email mail POP3 accounts.

Overview: The Anti-Virus subscription service that we provide is provided as your first level of protection and defence against being infected with viruses and worms through email receipt via your domain name operated POP3 mailboxes with us. A domain name that has subscribed to and is covered by the service protects all users and all POP3 mailboxes of that domain, i.e. it is not specific to a user or POP3 mailbox, and covers every email that is received into the domain. 

1 Hr Virus Definition Updates: New viruses appear on a daily basis and as such any possible protection from being infected is only as good as the age of the definitions in use. At 4SureHosting our servers check for and update the virus definition files they operate under once per hour, thus providing the best possible prevention of infection from the very newest of viruses within 1 hour of them becoming known about, with pattern matching always in operation for viruses that operate under known or distrusted patterns. 

Why Use It? Most people who have a computer and use the Internet have some sort of Anti-Virus software installed on their computer that in most cases will automatically check for updates at certain intervals of time. The problem with this type of solution is timming! Your computer is still vulnerable to infection generally on 2 occasions depending on your computer usage - First thing in the morning when you get up or arrive at work and at the end of the day when you get home from work. During the time that your computer has been switched off at night or whilst you have been away during the day at work, any number of new viruses could have been released onto the Internet, which your Anti-Virus definitions have not been updated to combat. Very rarely does anyone switch on there computer on these 2 occasions and then sit and wait for their virus definitions to update, with instead launching their email client straight away and then downloading any emails waiting in their mailboxes. It is at this time that you are at your most vulnerable and why by utilizing an external server based anti-virus solution is the best possible method of reducing your chance of infection, as our systems never sleep - although no level of guarantee can be made that you will never become infected by a virus, which even the anti-virus software manufactuers and developers will state within their own software, but every chance of reducing the risk is something that all should take seriously.

Do You Need an Anit-Virus Package? Absolutely yes, everyone should have an anti-virus package of some description on there computer and also keep the virus definitions as up to date as is possible. It is true that the majority of viruses of today are spread via the Internet email system, but you can still be infected directly by websites that have code within their pages designed to use holes within the operating systems of computer systems, as well as being duped into clicking on links that then create such holes in your systems, so having an active anti-virus package on all of your machines is a must, with multiple levels of anti-virus protection being seen as a preferred method of protection as opposed to overkill. - You can not be too well protected. 

How to subscribe:

  • If you have not yet ordered your domain name hosting account from us (Web, ASP, SellerDeck or Email hosting package), then during your initial package selection stage you will see a "Customize" button. Click on this button and you will find amongst the options available within that package our "Anti-Virus Subscription Service". Enable 'click' the checkbox and click validate for it to be added to your basic package.
  • If your domain name hosting account is already ordered and active with us, then login to your Customer Level Control Panel and go into your "Orders > Personal Orders Manager" area. Any and all order you have with us will be listed within this area. To the right of the package you wish to enable the Anti-Virus service within you will see a number of Icons, for which one will show an Alt Text of "Upgrade Package". Select this icon and then select the Anti-Virus option and validate the package upgrade. A pro-rated cost calculation will be conducted for you based on the remaining hosting package duration that you are currently subscribed to.

If you encounter any difficulties in using this facility, have questions or concerns, then please email your sales manager or support assistant.