Anti Spam/Anti Virus Add-on

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In May 2007, 4SureHosting (Nuco Technologies Ltd) in conjunction with Sophos deployed an extensive Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus set of gateways to help combat the ever increasing menace which is Internet spam, scams and phishing attacks that has enabled a reduction in the amount of such emails arriving in your mailboxes by up to 98%, with confirmed removal of over 10 million spam emails from your mailboxes whilst maintaining and increasing the speed of delivery of emails into destination mailboxes, even though the levels of spam has increased dramatically over the last two quarters of this year.

Deployed across 2 separate data centres, our deployment is unique within the SME market, providing high availability email scanning regardless of individual component or server failures with a throughput capable of millions of emails each day, even under single data centre operation, that not only removes your need to deal with the largest proportion of spam emails, but also eliminates the bandwidth usage on hosting accounts as it is stopped at the perimeter before getting onto the servers. 

Over the past 4 months whilst this system has been operational, all existing and new hosting clients has had its email parsed through these systems to identify and clean the mail prior to arriving in your mailboxes, which we have provided at no cost to any clients during this period, but as this is a commercial solution intended for enterprise protection and subscriber based to us from Sophos, which includes 5 minute updates on spam sources and definition packages, 4SureHosting (Nuco Technologies Ltd) will now be offering this as a subscriber based add-on from the 1st October 2007, on a combined per domain name & hosting package level.

Those not wishing to subscribe to the combined Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus service need do nothing to opt out, as those who have not subscribed by the 1st October 2007 will be gradually removed from the scanning systems over the following 7 days, with those who do subscribe left within the systems to continue uninterrupted scanning and protection.

Charges for the Anti-Spam - Anti-Virus service are as follows:

  • Starter packages: £15 + VAT p.a.
  • Plus packages: £2.85 + VAT p.m. (invoiced as per package subscriber duration)
  • Professional packages: £5.50 + VAT p.m. (invoiced as per package subscriber duration)
  • Enterprise packages: £7.50 + VAT p.m. (invoiced as per package subscriber duration)
  • Per domain within Bulk Hoster and Resellers sold packages £3.75 + VAT p.m. (invoiced as per package subscriber duration)
(Charges in addition to standard hosting package fees with discounts applied to monthly rates when package is subscribed to on an annual basis (i.e. 12 months for the price of 10).)

If you wish to maintain your Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus protection under this subscriber based service, then please contact us, providing your 5 digit customer ID number and the domains which you wish to subscribe to this service. On the 1st October 2007, tech's will upgrade those packages which have requested the service, raising invoices (in many cases pro-rated for the remaining subscriber period) for each domains package, with all non subscribing domains then gradually removed from the gateway scanning systems. 

If you have any questions with regards to this service which are not related to subscriber notifications, then please contact us for more information or answers to your questions.

Additional notes:
1. The level of anti-spam package is based on the hosting package you currently use. So, if you are using an Email/Web/ASP or SellerDeck Starter package then the add-on for your package will cost an additional £15 + VAT p.a. which will be charged on a pro-rated remaining hosting period basis, likewise if you use an Enterprise hosting package, then the add-on is based on the £7.50 + VAT p.m. rate, added to your package at that rate and the number of days/months (pro-rated) remaining on your existing package subscription.