SellerDeck Software Support

SellerDeck Software provides its own online Knowledge Base and FAQ Pages at

SellerDeck provides 30 days of support via telephone upon your initial purchase of the software. They may ask you for your order/invoice number and date of purchase when requesting support direct from Actinic, so please keep any online receipts and invoices to hand just incase you need this level of assistance.

In addition to the support that SellerDeck provides, we also provide you with technical support in the usage and operation of your SellerDeck software, although this is limited to usage and not How do I create this, or design this within my software type of support, i.e. it is not a design support service, just a software usage support service.

For more complex or for support past the 30 days provided as standard by SellerDeck Software, you might want to consider purchasing an SellerDeck Cover package, which will not only provide you with first hand technical support direct from the SellerDeck development team, but also includes major version upgrades at no extra cost for the duration of the SellerDeck Cover package duration. SellerDeck Cover is a subscription service lasting 12 months at a time. You can purchase it initially direct from us and then choose at the anniversary of your Cover package period if you wish to renew it or not.