Sample SellerDeck Hosting Network Setup Files

NB. This guide is valid only for customers still using the 'Hostflow' panel.
Hosting Controller Customers should click here

At 4SureHosting we have been providing SellerDeck specific hosting accounts, services and packages for over 4 years and it is from this wealth of SellerDeck experience that we are not only able to host SellerDeck sites from version 3 to the very latest v7, but also provide support for our hosting clients from our extensive knowledge of the software.

The following network set up files are provided to assist you with deploying your SellerDeck site within our servers: (Right click on the appropriate version link and select 'Save As' to save the file to your local hard drive and follow the instructions provided underneath the links).

Once your domain name bound hosting account has been activated, you will receive a number of emails that will explain the different services and functions of your customer and domain name hosting account with us. One such email will be titled "4SureHosting - Domain Account Service Activation" which will contain information for the 'Domain Master Username/Login" and associated password - Keep this email handy.

Open your Actinic-Vx-Network.txt file and within it locate all entries shown as "DOMAIN.TLD" and replace it with your own domain name. Likewise locate the "DOMAIN-ADMIN-USERNAME" and "DOMAIN-ADMIN-PASSWORD" and replace the entries with the details provided within your "4SureHosting - Domain Account Service Activation" email, check the changes you have made and then save your changes to the file.

Once your DNS has propagated for your domain name (i.e. you can see our holding page for your domain within our servers), Import the amended Network file (Advanced | Network Set up | Import button) - (NB: If any of the inputs are disabled (i.e. grey in colour), then click the 'Convert' button located on the right of this Setup dialog - This should ask you to "Confirm" that you wish to convert to "Normal" mode from "SellerDeck Host" mode). 

Testing your SellerDeck Import File:- Go into Web | Configure Website details.

There will be 2 check boxes, ensure that these are unchecked (NOT checked) so that it retains the current settings and then click next so that it begins its checks.

It should go through all of the checks and then complete, i.e. it should not need to change anything at all, just confirming all of the settings, which will ensure that the settings are populated within your system and you should now be able to upload your site to the service with us (Web | Refresh Website).

If you encounter any problems, then please ensure that your domain is pointing into our servers and showing our holding page first of all, which if this is the case, then please feel free to use the support Ticketing system provided within your Centric Online Control Panel with us for further assistance.