SellerDeck Authorised Partners

At Nuco Technologies Ltd we have gone to great lengths to ensure that we can provide you with the very best on offer with regards our hosting provisions which has meant forming partnerships with a number of third party companies and undergoing training specific in the integration, use and deployment of those companies respective products and services.

Some of those partnerships are explained below:

SellerDeck logo depicting our partnership with SellerDeck softwareWe are Actinic Authorised Partners, providing SellerDeck Catalog, Business & Developer Ecommerce software titles at massively discounted prices, plus compatible hosting accounts for their use. We have undergone training as part of our partnership with SellerDeck in the installation, configuration, customization, deployment and use of the differing software titles making us the ideal choice for many hundreds of SellerDeck software shop owners for the provision of thier software, hosting and customization of the templates that thier sites operate within.

We have secured WorldPay Affiliate Partner status to enable us to provide our clients with online payment authorisation services directly. This enables us to not only provide you with your Ecommerce Solution in the form of SellerDeck Catalog, Business and/or Developer to run your online sales shop, but to apply for online payment processing on your behalf and then integrate this payment processing method into your Ecommerce site.

At Nuco Technologies Ltd we are Comodo Official Partners. This means that we are authorised to request and integrate the ever growing range of SSL Certificates and Internet related security products and solutions developed by Comodo for use within your hosting account on our servers, first of all reassuring our clients that our hosting accounts are capable of utilising some of these very basic security requirements and secondly, that we are knowledgable and experienced with its integration and implementation within our servers. 

At Nuco Technologies Ltd we know how to cover all of the bases, so it was with this firmly inmind that we decided upon our usage of the services from ForLinux Ltd, a Linux end-to-end support and solution provider.