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4Sure Hosting has been supplying specialist Actinic hosting since 2001, and continuing to supply hosting to the rebrand (SellerDeck). On 29/09/2008 Nuco Technologies Ltd t/a Host-it acquired the business assets of 4Sure Hosting and incorporated this into their own established virtual hosting division.

Nuco Technologies Ltd is a fully funded, profitable and debt free company who have been hosting web sites since 1997. They grew out of one of the early pioneers of internet technology so have a proven heritage within the industry.

More importantly they also own and operate three full specification data centres (Note a full specification data centre is at least a seven figure investment) so all our servers are now run in-house and teams of specialist technical support engineers are also now available 24/7 to ensure the servers are maintained and if needed repaired with minimum delay.

At a time when many virtual providers are one man bands and some are quite literally run out of bedrooms 4Sure Hosting is now part of a professional and established organisation responsible for hosting many tens of thousands of web sites and many hundreds of servers. We have the organisation and back up to supply services to all levels of business from small single traders to large international corporations so 4Sure hosting can now support many types of clients both technical and non technical including (but not limited to) small 'one man bands', large multi nationals, local authorities, police forces, web development companies, 'business to consumer' and 'business to business'.

Please view the data centre tours to view the full details of the facilities we have available and the type of organisation we are now part of. Whatever your business size you are welcome to visit us in person if you wish a tour of our facilities.

Place your site in our hands. We will take good care of you!

Please contact us if you require any additional information.

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